Customizing Minn, a User Perspective

Our latest WordPress theme, Minn, is already being used on several websites, so we thought it was time to see what our customers think of Minn and to share their experiences!

This week Alan Herbert of Nialto Services was kind enough to spare us some time to give his insights on how Minn is used in his webdesign agency.

Alan HerbertName: Alan Herbert
Website: Nialto Services
Theme Usage: I use Minn to design business websites for my clients.

Taking Minn for a Spin!

We have used Minn on several website projects so far, and it’s made a tremendous difference to our development of custom WordPress websites for our clients. Life before Minn was all about finding a theme that almost did what we wanted and hacking it to within an inch of it’s life, to create something close to what we really wanted. With Minn, we can produce anything – it’s that good.

There are so many options for placement of content that you can create any layout style you like. The fully responsive menu takes away the need for any secondary plugins and produces a great user experience across all devices.

With the Free Child Theme you get with Minn, it’s easy to start customizing Minn further than the already advanced customization options allow. If you’re a developer, you can easily mould Minn beyond recognition and produce a work that is completely your own.

If we need to create a site from scratch or rebuild a new customer’s website for them to include all the functionality that WordPress offers, we always start with Minn. And it’s not just Minn herself that’s great (see I called Minn ‘her’, now that’s affection!), the support from WPGo Themes has also been amazing too.

I’d recommend taking Minn for a spin just like I did, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Special Launch Offer!

To celebrate the launch of Minn we’re giving it away HALF PRICE for a limited time only! Until 14th August, 2014 you can get 50% OFF by entering the discount code MINN50OFF when you checkout.

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