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Can I use my purchased theme on more than one site?
You can purchase a theme license for 1, 2-5, or unlimited sites to suit your particular requirements.
I like one of your themes but don’t want a blog. How can I remove it?
A blog is totally optional for all our themes. If you just want pages and no blog then that’s fine. There is nothing to remove. If you don’t create any posts, or add a ‘Blog’ link anywhere then you won’t have a blog on your site. Simple as that!
I love your themes, can I use them on my site?
No, you can only install our themes on a self-hosted WordPress site.
I purchased a theme from you but haven’t had any response?
A welcome e-mail, containing all the information you need to access your theme, is automatically sent directly after purchase. If you haven’t received it yet then it may have got stuck in your spam/junk mail folder.
How do I download my theme?
Login to your user area using the details sent out to you via e-mail after you purchased the theme.
I need to make some style changes to my site, do I have to use a child theme?
You can make style changes directly to your main theme style sheet if you wish but your changes will be lost during a theme update. A better way is to use a child theme to make theme modifications. However if you only need to make simple style changes then you can add these via the ‘Custom CSS’ text box on the theme options page.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for then let us know! We’ll get right back to you.