Minn WordPress Theme Updated to v1.1!

We’re excited to announce the brand new version of Minn (1.1) is now available to all users! This feature-packed new version includes several enhancements as well as important tweaks and fixes.

In no particular order here’s what’s new at a glance.

New Features, Fixes and Enhancements!

  • Flexible theme options to disable key scripts.
  • Super useful option to display a ‘Back to Top’ icon (when page scrolls down).
  • Add an expandable search icon to ANY menu in seconds!
  • FOUR new color pickers to control button styles.
  • Header styles updated to look great on mobile devices.
  • List all available image sizes (useful when needing to know what size slider images to upload).
  • Assign ANY nav menu to be used as the sticky menu!
  • NEW feature to dynamically build icon only menus.
  • Add sliders to any (widgetized) page. Main editor content displayed underneath.
  • Layouts now look great for any column combination.
  • Lot’s more fixes, tweaks, and improvements…

Let’s explore these new fixes and features in more detail.

New Theme Options

You can now view all image sizes used in Minn via theme options. This can be useful when, for example, uploading images to be used in the slider. You can look up the largest slider image size and select the appropriate image size to upload accordingly.

Theme Option Image Sizes

There are also two new check boxes in theme options to disable the retina.js and Nivo lightbox scripts. So, if you need to use your own lightbox plugin then you can now easily disable the lightbox script included by default in Minn.

Teme Option Disable Scripts

Back to Top Icon

For long posts and pages it’s a common requirement to want to navigate back to the top of the page at any point. Now there is an easy way to do this in Minn.

Back To Top

Simply expand the new “Scroll Page to Top” Customizer section to reveal several configuration options. It is enabled by default for convenience but this can easily be disabled if required.

Customizer Settings

Add Search Icon to Any Menu

A commonly requested feature was an easy way to add search capability to any navigation menu.

Add Search to Menu

This can now be achieved via a series of check boxes in the Customizer, one for each currently registered menu location.

Customizer Settings

New Button Color Pickers

Four new color pickers (accessible via the Customizer) have been added to control button text and background color, plus hover colors. Note: These do not affect any navigation menu buttons and only affect the stand alone buttons outside of the menus.​​​​

New Button Color Pickers

New Navigation Menu Location

To make it easier to specify which menu is used for the sticky menu (displayed when the page scrolls down) a new location has been added specifically for this.

Go to Appearance > Menus and you’ll see the new menu location listed.

New Sticky Menu Location

Note: The sticky menu must be enabled in Customizer settings for it to be visible.

Hide Navigation Menu Labels

In the previous version of Minn support for menu icons was added. This was a great addition to the theme but we have taken this further by allowing you to hide the menu text. This is most useful if you want to display one or more icons only without any associated text.

Icon Only Menu Label

To hide a nav menu label simply prefix it wth a double underscore. e.g. If you had a menu label ‘Home’ then replace with ‘__Home’ to ignore the label.

Hide Nav Menu Label

Widgetized Page Rendering Order

The widgetized page template allows you to add widgets to any WordPress page. Previously, if you added content to the page editor for a widgetized page it was displayed before the widgets.

This has now been changed to display AFTER the widgets. This makes it very easy, for example, to add a slider widget to the top of any page and have the page editor content rendered underneath.

Bug Fixes and Updates

There have been many bug fixes, improvements, and tweaks since Minn 1.0! The main improvements are covered in this section.

Firstly, the color picker that targets link colors in the header has been extended to cover the site title.

On mobile devices, when viewing a page with 3-columns the left most column appeared before the main content. This has now been fixed so that no matter what column layout is being used on a page the main content ALWAYS appears first, with primary and secondary content displayed underneath.

For top level menus in the sticky menu there was an issue with ‘#’ link locations. This caused the sticky menu to disappear from view. Now, all you have to do is use ‘#/’ instead and the menu will stay visible!

The tag and category meta data has been removed from the post archive page view to make it more aesthetic.

The header responsive CSS has been enhanced to improve it on mobile devices. The changes can be seen below. Much cleaner!

Updated Responsive Header

Other notable changes have been tweaks to form and input CSS to remove default browser drop shadow and rounded border styles, and the post thumbnail CSS has been updated to adapt better to different column layouts on the blog index page and single post views.

There’s More to Come!

There are even more great features on the roadmap for Minn 1.2 and beyond so stay tuned!

And if there’s anything in-particular that you’d like to see in the next version let us know in the comments. We’d love to know what features are most important to you. 🙂

Have YOU Tried Minn Yet?

Existing Minn users will see an update notice in their WordPress admin area prompting to update to 1.1.

However, if you’ve yet to discover the delights of Minn then this new release is a great opportunity to try it out. Click the button below to get started using Minn today!

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