About David Gwyer

Founder of WPGO themes and lead developer. I love creating themes that are intuitive and easy to use but deceptively powerful! I also enjoy tinkering around with plugins.


We Don’t Just Develop Themes!

We've been working very hard recently on a new theme release (Flexr), and have more new themes in the pipeline. But, it's not only WordPress themes that we're focused on. Most of you visiting the site are probably unaware that we develop a range of WordPress plugins too. It's a large part of our workflow. In fact, we love working on plugins!

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Header Templates

Header templates are a fantastic way to customise your site header. Choose from a range of dynamic templates to change the way it looks. You can even override the header for individual pages which means you can have totally different headers on different pages!

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Flexr Installation & Setup

On this page you’ll find all the information you need to get started using Flexr, including installation and setup. If there is anything you’re still unsure of then please contact us for help. That’s what we’re here for!
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Theme Customizer Settings

The global column layout can be set via the customizer: Global Layout > Column Layout. By default this controls the column layout for ALL pages. However, you’ll often want to set a different column layout on specific pages.

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Minn WordPress Theme Updated to v1.3!

Although the last Minn theme release was a while ago we’ve been working hard on new features and enhancements over the last several months – and it’s finally ready. So, what’s on offer in Minn 1.3? Let’s take a look by starting with all the new goodies!

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Minn Theme Updated to Version 1.2!

It hasn’t even been even 3 months since Minn 1.1 was released but we’ve already just released a new version of Minn (1.2) which includes a host of fantastic new features! Let’s take a closer look.

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